I struggle with procrastination. It seems I always have. Some days are better than others; however, other days are far worse than others!! I work well when I’m part of a team. In fact, I could lead a team to accomplish amazing office-related tasks. But when I am working solo, I become unfocused, and often feel as if I’m drowning.

Since I work from home (making sales calls for a Christian radio station in Florida), I have been barely treading water. Often I experience hours in which I do not get anything accomplished. However, I become highly motivated when I tell someone (you) a task I plan to get done within a short period of time. These tasks includes making sales calls, filing, writing for my other blogs, etc. (without letting myself become distracted). But it could also include exercising, cooking dinner and cleaning out the refrigerator!

But to get or stay motivated, I need to be part of a team, setting goals. That’s where you come in. Let’s challenge each other – and ourselves – to get stuff done.

Perhaps, you need to paint a room or begin your dissertation. If you need accountability and encouragement to begin a project, or finish one, then you’ve come to the right place!

Now and then, I will offer a challenge, such as: “Set your timer and let us know what you get done for the next 60, 30, 15 or 5 minutes!”  However, you don’t have to wait for me to initiate a challenge. You can simply state a goal of something you’d like to accomplish within a certain time-frame , or  you can initiate a challenge of your own. You could even target the challenge for a specific group of people: writers, students, sales people, etc. Be creative!

Let us know your short term goals, such as: for the next hour I’m going to get done …; or this weekend I hope to accomplish …; or before my husband gets home from work, I’m going to cook him the most fabulous dinner!

I want this to work for you. Be sure to let us know when you accomplish your goal, or how much you got done because of the challenge.

Sound like this might work for you, too?!

Okay! Let’s get started. See you online.

Please let me know your ideas on how to make this blog more effective for you!

Sheryl H. Boldt